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OUR PEOPLE | A remote support technology

Posted by technepackaging / Mar 4, 2021 5:14:40 PM

Michele graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bologna, and after several, different experiences both in Italy and abroad he finally approached the world of Engineering Industry.

He has been working for TECHNE for ten years, and is currently Head of the Customer Service team.

Michele, together with a partner of excellence, has developed the Smart Glasses solution, a remote support that can quickly analyze and solve any kind of technical issue.


"Anyone working in the production sector is aware of the fact that, in a moment like the present one in which distance has become a strong limitation, having a blow molding machine or an entire line that stops is truly a disaster”


The Smart Glasses technology provides immediate remote support and connection, with a single click, to Techne’s whole Technical Assistance System.

These simple safety glasses can be worn by anyone. A single click connects you to our platform, providing a specialized technician completely at your disposal. Techne’s assistance team can visualize on its PC’s screen exactly what the operator is framing, in real time, further simplifying both the explanations and the solutions of the situation.

By wearing our Smart Glasses, the operator has also full access to technical support, training and maintenance procedures. He can interact in real time with dedicated staff via chat, screen sharing or video tutorials, and benefit of constant updates of functions and documentation.

The main purpose of Michele's activity is to efficiently guide customers through the diagnosis of different technical circumstances and help them at all times.


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