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Success story, a win-win project

Posted by technepackaging / Mar 2, 2021 3:32:47 PM

1 Techne full electric machine replaces 5 hydraulic machines

Our Customers need are our needs. For this reason Techne during last years has focused on studying and investigating customer needs, granting the best-optimized production model.

Cooperating with our customers we are able to define the main drivers in their production flow process and optimization costs.

The choice of an electric blow molding machine has inherent advantages compared with hydraulic machines that can be summarized with two key words: SAVING and OPTIMIZATION.

What? Saving money and optimizing space.


We would like to present a real case history of one of our most important Customers, showing what the replacement/substitution of old machines with new full electric blow molding ones means. We wuould like to do it through numbers.

1 full electric extrusion blow molding machine replaces 5 hydraulic machines.

Replacing 5 old hydraulic machines with 1 full electric machine firstly means to save real  production costs for our Customer, in detail:

  • Power consumption saving
  • Saving due to absence of hydraulic power unit
  • Saving due to parison variation
  • Saving for extruded plastic
  • Plastic cooling saving

Replacing 5 hydraulic extrusion blow molding machines with a Techne Full Electric blow molding machine means saving about 240,000 Euro/ year of consumption costs.


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Space has always been one of the needs that our customers have to face on.

Actually, in modern industrial and production processes, having an excellent space optimization is a must, a mirror of efficiency in terms of production.

This case study shows how 1 Techne fully electric machine replaces 5 hydraulic machines in an industrial plant layout.

It also means optimizing of the workforce that operates on the machines: managing 1 machine instead of 5 machines enables efficient management of all operations on the machine.

Saving money and optimizing space are two of most relevant drivers of industrial and production processes for our Customers.

Techne has the know-how, tools and consultant skills to support Customers along the process of production transformation towards a new Electrical Technology World.

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