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Production cost saving

Posted by technepackaging / Feb 5, 2021 1:14:51 PM
Do you have a hydraulic blow- molding machine and want to save time, money and energy?


Techne’s hydraulic blow molder machines have historically kept running for well over 20 years, their long service life has proved to be a strength point for our customers and a source of pride for us.

Nowadays however, the industrial and production world has to deal with increasingly high and challenging energy and economic sustainability standards.

Therefore, a migration process from hydraulic to electric technology has arisen throughout the Blow Molding Packaging world.

How much can you actually save at the end of a productive month by using an electric blow- molding machine instead of one or more hydraulic ones?

Techne has done the math. The monthly saved amount obtained from electrical technology is in fact, the result of combining the following factors:

  • Power consumption saving;
  • Air / water supply for machine cooling saving;
  • Extruded plastic material saving and optimization thanks to an improved parison adjustment;
  • Absence of a hydraulic unit in electrical technology;

Numbers tell us that savings translate into energy efficiency, and technological improvements into production optimization.

Relying on customer’s data and production requirements, Techne provides a saving plan analysis through the replacement of hydraulic technology with electric technology.


If you own a hydraulic extrusion blow-molding machine, and you are interested in knowing more about energy consumption saving, read more here:

Download case study

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